Mayor's Corner

Mayor Jerry

Greetings to May! I want to start off by saying a huge thank you to the sponsors of our Library 5k. Without you all it would have been considerably more difficult. Another thank you goes to the Library and Parks committee who planned this year’s 5k, and a very special thank you to Andy and Billie at our public works department for all the heavy lifting. 

By now I am very pretty sure you have seen daffodils sprouting up around town, which is always a good sign for me that Spring has arrived. Sunlight arriving earlier in the day and staying longer is a very welcome event. C.S Lewis said "You are never too old to set another goal or dream another dream. Spring gives us the opportunity to do just that. If it is starting a garden, taking up a new hobby, or spending more time with the ones we love.

This month we should make sure that we show appreciation to our nurses and teachers. Both are critical to our wellbeing as a community. Mother’s Day is probably (to me anyway) the most important day of all. I am of the belief that mothers are the glue that hold the world together.  Mothers give life and provide the love and guidance that only she can. She is loyal and caring to a fault and for that we all should be forever grateful. On another are you liking the Highway project progress? It is coming along nicely in my opinion.

I mentioned the Library and Parks committee earlier. The fine community members that comprise the committee have some excellent ideas for our park and potentially adding another one to the north of our town. Big changes are coming in our existing park. Keep an eye out for them. I am confident that you all will be impressed.

And with that, I remain your Mayor, I and the Council work for you. We welcome your comments and suggestions. Feel free to email me.

Have a wonderful May!

-Mayor Jerry










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