Library History


Halsey-Study-ClubIn 1907, a group of Halsey women organized to form a book club. This organization was first known as the “Gleaners”. The purpose of the group was “diffusing knowledge among the members, to become familiar with the best authors of the day, and the promotion of sociability.”

In 1908, the Gleaners became the Halsey Study Club, adopting the motto: “No nation can rise higher than its women.” In addition to reviewing books, the Study Club also promoted the betterment of the community. Among its causes was the establishment of electrical power in Halsey in 1911. In 1925, the Study Club decided that Halsey needed a library building. Funds were solicited and raised by bake sales, plays, and socials. Land north of the M.V. Koontz store was donated for the library building by Clyde Koontz. Cleo Jenkins, and Albany architect, volunteered to design the building

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