Other Services

Other Services
Below is a list of the services most commonly utilized. For a full list, please see the current Fee Schedule.

Copies- Black & White* $0.10/Page
Copies-Color* $0.25/Page
Copies-Oversized* $0.25/Page
Copy of City Budget Free
EV Charging Station  $1/Hour
Faxes (Incoming or Outgoing) $0.25/Page
Gravel Delivery (In-Town only) $30/Yard
Lien Search $15
Backflow Testing $25/Annually-Billed on Utility Bill in October
Notary Service $10/Document
Water Heater Expansion Tank $20/Each

*We reserve the right to accept requests for copies on a case by case basis, dependent upon job size/complexity and available staff time.
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